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2012 acura tl

There had been a strong controversy around the appearance of the Acura TL over the years, and everyone was contemplating whether Acura would drop or alter the “beak” in its 2012 version, the 2012 acura tl. But, at the Chicago auto show, Acura had other plans – and the beak is still there.

2012 acura tl photo

The beak is not as sharp as earlier, but a bit flatter. The 2012 model has many changes over the last year’s model – additional contours, darker bezels in the headlamp and more detailing and lowering of the air intakes. Even the rear end gets amended tail lamps and additional detailing.

Nothing has been revealed about any changes to the engine. The existing TL features a front-drive 3.5 liter V6 engine that delivers a peak output of 280 HP, and the all-wheel-drive 3.7 liter V6 engine churns out 305 HP. The 3.5 liter engine in 2012 acura tl is reported to be more fuel economic with improvements in aerodynamics, and reduction in friction losses in the 6-speed auto.

Additional changes in this model include ventilated front seats, the Advance option that consists of a blind-spot-detection system and improved wheels.

2012 acura tl review

Toning down the beak and smoothing the derriere of the car helped Acura find that the drag can be reduced by as much as 5.4%. And, the engine performance is also enhanced with the intake being re-routed, where more of the air is taken from without the car and less from within the engine section. These ground-breaking alterations have helped increase the fuel economy in the front wheel drive (FWD) model by 11% and in the all wheel drive (AWD) model by 5%.

The SH-AWD is the top model of 2012 acura tl, priced at around $45,000. It features a precise and highly responsive steering and all-season 19-inch Goodyear tires.

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