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Amd Athlon ii p340 processor

Amd Athlon ii p 340

Amd athlon ii p 340 is a recently unveiled dual core processor. Already it has got a huge popularity in the world computer market. It has also got a reasonable price. You will not feel any fraud movement after buying this product. You will be capable of doing a lot of functions at reduced price in case of using this smart product. This paper describes the performance and specification of Amd athlon ii p 340.

Amd Athlon ii p340

Performance and specification

This processor has got two cores. It has the clock speed of 2.2 GHz. With this clock speed, you will be capable of doing almost every job you want. Gaming performance will also be fantastic in case of having proper graphics media with this great processor. Its total L2 cache is 1 MB and it has been shared with both of the cores. This sharing is also equal. This processor targets the customers who use laptops or desktops on everyday basis. With an extreme performance level, we can say that it is really a great processor for daily computing job.

This dual core processor is based on the platform named Danubi. Its codename is Champlain. It is built with integrated floating point unit which is normally known as FPU. Its FPU is 64 bit. It is also built with the latest technology of computer science. This processor is built with 45 nm silicon. This technology is also known as insulator technology. The instruction set of this processor is 64 bit. 256 KB L1 cache is provided with it. This processor is built with S1 sockets.

Its TDP (thermal design power) is 25 watt. It is clear that it has got extreme low power feature. This feature of this product is supported by Power Now Technology. This Power Now Technology ensures on demand power supply as well as optimizes battery life. It is also incorporated by MMX. This feature enables it to produce 3D Now Technology. This in turn results the finest multimedia experience available. With the help of this feature, gaming performance should also reach its peak.

These processors come with AMD64 Technology. It will help your machine to run 64 bit applications as well as 32 bit applications. This feature ensures your machine a variety of work and improved efficacy level in different dimensions.

This processor has some limitations in case of supporting DDR3 memory. Still it works well and increases its renouncement. 8GB DDR3 memory is only supported by these processors. Its connection with the memory segment is not only smart but also effective. These processors are connected with the memory segment through dual channel integrated memory channel. Here each and every channel operates at the constant speed of 533 MHz. The total rate of data transfer is also great. It is about 1066 MT/s. The data transferring between chipsets have been operated by the 16 bit Hyper Transport 3.0 link. This rate of transport is almost 1600 MHz.

These are all the specification and performance about amd athlon ii p 340. In short, it is an effective processor having a lot of capability to work out all of your daily computing activities.

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