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2012 Volkswagen beetle

Volkswagen is a German based car manufacturing company. 2012 Volkswagen beetle is the forth-coming attraction from Volkswagen. Beetle is a compact styled girly styled car created by Volkswagen. First version of Beetle came to market decades ago. New version of Beetle is not expected to have many changes. Even though, it could have better sales […]

Cost of Toyota Innova

Toyota’s innovation, the Toyota Innova is said to be a combination of the experience and expertise of this company. It is an excellent Sports Utility Vehicle from one of the leading automobile brands. Toyota claims to know the different types of the road in the world. So they combined the expertise with the deep understanding […]

Honda City Vtec

Honda has come out with its new avant-garde ride, the all new Honda City V-tec. It gets its name after the engine system, i.e. the V-Tec Engine Technology that is used to power up this ride. The V-Tec Technology is also used to power other sedans like the Civic and Accord. After being valued world-wide […]

Skoda Fabia

Top features of Skoda Laura As follows Skoda Laura is the favorite car among the customers. Many people like to buy this car to add a touch of modernity and luxury in their life. The size of the car is quite small but gives superb quality. Therefore, size is not a matter when you have […]

Skoda Fabia reviews

Until now, global market has seen three variants of Skoda Fabia. It is incorporated with common power train that is powering current Volkswagen Polo. Both diesel and petrol variant engines are available for Skoda Fabia. Let us see the features in detail. Engine:- Both petrol and diesel engine is available. Skoda Fabia is powered by […]

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