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Debra Fine:small intoduction about her books

Debra Fine

Debra Fine is a speaker who has written various books on social and networking skills that help people to stand out during social gatherings and business meetings.

About Debra Fine

Debra fine is an author and an adviser whose is professionally an engineer. It is believed that she embarked on this career so as to avoid being in the limelight. Fine wrote her first book, The Fine Art of Small Talk, to give business professionals the necessary conversational skills that would help them to go about business operations effectively. She also highlighted effective networking skills that would help business professionals to perfect on their networking opportunities.

Initially, her book was self published but later got a publisher due to the rich information in its contents. In her book, Debra Fine has given insights on issues such as striking up conversations, keeping conversations going, remembering names, mastering introductions, overcoming communication barriers and making the most out of social events. You can visit http://www.debrafine.com/ to purchase the book online.

Her second book, The Fine Art of the Big Talk hits the streets and was well received by its readers. In this book, she discussed heavy matters such as negotiation techniques, offering feedback, managing meetings, breaking shocking news and conflict solving in the work place.

Debra fine also gives advice of how one should go about socializing in social events such as weddings. This is especially seen on her first book, The Fine Art of Small Talk. This book is especially efficient for these people who have problems expressing themselves in social gatherings, mainly it teaches people on how to strike a conversation even when you have nothing to say, steady feeble knees and dry sweaty palms, prevent awkward silences, and even avoid foot mouth disease.

The book aims at gathering some level of confidence that will make you look out for social gatherings no matter how shy you are. You will feel more at ease in parties, meetings, job interviews and all types of social gatherings since you will only need to put into practice whatever you have learnt in the book. If you are interested, you can visit http://www.debrafine.com/articles.html to get all the contents in the book. While some people are grateful for the information that is provided by Debra fine, others claim that there is nothing new to learn especially if you have been through formal learning. This, they claim, is because the contents included in the books are not new to their ears but have been said over and over again in classroom settings.

However, Debra fine does not only focus on social networks but discusses to length the relationships between men and women. She also gives solutions to why babies cry or won’t sleep and this makes her books to be read by people of all ages.

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