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Electronic Workbench – Circuit Board Design

Electronic Workbench

Electronic Workbench has changed the face of electronics and is the best circuit simulator and testing tool available today.  It includes mixed-mode circuit simulation, schematic capture and PCB layout software, and provides a virtual bench for learning, experimenting with, and simulating electronics.

As designing and testing an electronic circuit is a tiring job, Electronic Workbench can be of great help and includes all the tools needed to inspect any electronic circuit.

With its latest release electronic workbench- multicism, that delivers intuitive schematic capture, accurate simulation and analysis, along with programmable logic, the company has undoubtedly become the industry leader. Multisim is widely used in academia and industry for circuit education, electronic schematic design and SPICE simulation.

Electronic Workbench

Multisim equips educators, students, and professionals with the tools to analyze circuit behavior. This easy to use software by electronic workbench abstracts the complexities and problems of traditional syntax-based simulation thereby making it easy to use. Electronic workbench multicism is available in two distinct versions to meet the teaching needs of educators and the design needs of professionals. It helps the educators to present interactive circuits and teach complex theory of circuits through demonstrations. And also helps the professionals to create different models of analog and  digital circuit design, examine an appropriate circuit for values at certain components and r research of the whole circuit behavior.

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