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Kodak c195 – Reviews

You should own Kodak c195.

c195 Kodak

In our daily life there are many instances which we want to capture and keep those memories alive through out our life.  One would want to imprint the memories of their  first award, marriage, first step of their baby and many more, into the sand of life .

Kodak for decades has helped you keep these memories intact  in form of Photos. Earlier  photography was believed to be  only professionals’  forte. Am amateur could hardly think of entering this dragon.  And then,  Kodak came into the market with a concept of ease in the technique of photography, where every tom, dick and hary having a Kodak camera could become photographer. All that he had to do was just hold the camera say ‘Smile’ and click, rest was done by the camera itself.  Hence, Kodak was successful in earning  the trust of  its customers for many decades. And now taking this trust a bit further they have introduced a complete new camera in the market named Kodak c195 which is user friendly and has all the necessary equipments and features which a normal camera should have these days.

This is a recently launched compact digital camera packed with lots of features to fulfill the increasing demand of the customers. This camera has all the necessary features to share your memories on all the popular networking sites like Picasa, flick, face book etc. And the user interface too is very user friendly.  It can be carried easily in a pocket . All that you have to do for sharing those vivid memories is to click the photos at any time and there is a share button provided on the camera just press it and let the whole world know what you are up to, otherwise you can just mail the pictures on your website or on your networking sites. The Kodak c195 has a sporty 10mp sensor and is provided with a LCD display of about 2.5 inches. The camera is provided with 5× optical zoom in 35mm format and an advanced 5× zoom to cover optimum focal range within 35mm to 165mm. Although this is not an ideal camera for the wide angle photography, but  the provided smooth capturing feature helps you to easily click the photos with optimum and efficient quality.

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c195 Kodak

Kodak c195 has some of the funny inbuilt futures to take the photos like auto, portrait, fireworks, snow, backlight and sport. The camera is also featured with taking pictures in different colors modes like full, vivid, sepia, black and white as well in basic colors which helps to flow your imagination in photography and restrains you from using Photoshop for additional editing. This camera comes with 1000ISO settings which allows it to work smoothly while capturing a fast moving object, text tagging and multi-field search are added features which results in greater details of the picture. Some of the features which make this camera user friendly are cropping, picture rotation, undo delete, self timer and ability to make your own slideshows with variety of transition effects and preloaded music themes.

The induced screen gives better display of the shot videos which are usually in VGA format at 640×480 which carries the speed of 30fps (Frames per Second). But the only  disappointment is that there  is only digital zoom and no Optical zoom for capturing videos.  And also while shooting you don’t get an option of image stabilization unless you opt for still photography. The still photography can be recorded in JPEG/EXIF v2.21.

c195 Kodak

Kodak c195 comes with an inbuilt memory of 32MB and an expandable memory is provided in the form of SD/ SDHC cards expansion slots. Due to sensors you can get large printouts in 4:3 formats. The body features include the dimension and weight 3.8×2.4×1.2 inches and weighs approximately 177grams with battery and card which altogether makes it user friendly and can be easily carried in pockets, as well as per the company norms it is Eco Friendly as well.

You can get this camera in any Kodak shop or mall and if you want to buy it online there are many ecommerce websites which has this camera on their product list.  The cameras that are shipped are generally  Blue color ones  and costs around $99 which is worth buying.

Also look for Kodak Easy Software and get more information on how to use it for better photography.

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