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C Programming Interview Questions

C is a Core Programming Language that is developed by Dennis Ritchie in the period 1969-1973. C contains all required programming features, however it is not object oriented.

How to Prepare Yourself for C Programming Interview?

Before searching for C Programming Interview Questions, you should gain knowledge on C by reading books. The best book is: “Let Us C” that is written by Yashwant Kanetkar. Purchase this book, read through it, and try out all examples and exercises given in it. Now you are ready to prepare for C Programming Interview. While preparing for Interview, take up each core concept of C, read and answer all interview questions in this concept. When you are confident about this concept, proceed with the next concept.

Sample C Programming Interview Questions

1. In your C Program, you have the header #include<stdio.h>. When will this header be replaced with the contents of stdio.h file in your code?

During preprocessing, preprocessor will replace #include<stdio.h> with the text content in that file.

2. Which function will you use to set the first n number of characters in a string with the character provided?

strnset function is used for this purpose. Here is the syntax of this function:

char *strnset(char *str, char chr, size_t m);

3. An array is passed as a parameter to a function. Can you determine the size of this array using sizeOf?

No. sizeOf will determine the length of the array only at compile time and not during run time.

Following video provides more C Programming Interview Questions related to sizeOf() operator:

The following websites train you in C concept-wise:



These websites will list all concepts of C like Declarations and Initializations, Pointers, Bitwise Operators, Floating Point Issues, Arrays, File Operations and many more. Click on each one of them to read through interview questions related to that concept.

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