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Freelance Illustration Jobs – An Overview

Freelance Illustration Jobs – An Overview With the current situation that the world is facing today, one of the most affected jobs are illustration jobs. Some of them get laid off due to cost cutting or downsizing within the company. Worst part of it all, most of them end up with no jobs at all. […]

How to Sell Yourself as a Freelancer

How to Sell Yourself This blog is all about selling a product effectively. You know what is the product? The product is none other than YOU. Not just in job market, you have to sell yourself professionally as well as personally to fulfill your knowledge, wishes, needs and many more. This blog assumes that you […]

Get a freelancer-contract out your potential

You have Project to be done? Get a Freelancer! “A freelance worker or a freelancer is one who works for himself or is self-employed and is not employed or any company or organization”! Freelancers always contract out their potential, skills and talent and can be found in many fields including Writing, Journalism, Editing, proof reading, […]

Freelancing Jobs – A Better Future Job

Freelancing Jobs In the midst of economic recession and things in our nation comes astray, unemployment becomes a major problem and we as individuals look for something to do in lieu of what we have lost.  Bills coming over filing up, necessities become impossible to meet and lifestyle that we used to have goes down […]

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