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Turn Off Search Suggestions In Internet Explorer 9

Turn Off Search Suggestions In Internet Explorer 9

The new Internet Explorer comes having both search bar and address bar on one toolbar. Bing is certain the default IE9 search engine (or were you expecting something else?). If you have used Internet Explorer 9 you’d notice that it predicts words and URLs when you begin to type in the address bar. It is actually one of the default settings. Follow the tips below to turn off search suggestions in IE9.

Turn off Suggestion

Turn Off Search Suggestions

· When you begin to type in the address box, you will see a drop down list of words and URL predictions by your selected search provider.

· At the bottom of the list you will see “Turn off search suggestions” link. Just click on it and ‘bingo’, search suggestions will be disabled.

Another alternative is to use the Add-ons manager to turn off search suggestions. Click the Settings symbol on the top right corner of IE9 and choose “Manage Add-ons”.  Look for the search provider tab on the left pane of the Manage Add-ons window to choose the particular search provider you’d like to disable its search suggestions.

Click “Disable Suggestions” link beneath the left and right panes of the Manage Add-ons window to turn of search suggestions. You can also repeat the process outlined above to turn on search suggestions in Internet Explorer 9.


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  1. Ashiosh says:

    Well,I was actually looking to turn it on!I upgraded IE9 but am unable to get any suggestions!

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