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Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S Firmware From Android 2.1 To 2.2 Froyo Using Kies

How To Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S Firmware From Android 2.1 To 2.2 FroyoUsing Kies

Kies is a phone program for Samsung android smartphones. It is used to provide a linkage between your personal computer and android device. Kies helps you perform many functions on your phone. With kies you can backup your data, manage your multimedia, update your phone firmware, among many other functions. Samsung Kies can be downloaded from the mobile maker’s website. Or simply visit the website below  to download a Samsung kies.


How to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S Firmware

Android Froyo 2.2 is the latest and secure build among the android mobile operating system. The Samsung Galaxy S (GT-19000) that was earlier launched with the android 2.1 can today be upgraded to android Froyo 2.2. Below is a simple and easy to follow procedure that can help youto update your Samsung Galaxy S firmware using Samsung kies.


  1. Ensure that your computer is connected to the Internet.
  2. Launch the kies and click on the drop-down arrow. Click on Update from the list and the kies will start to update automatically. If you experience any at this stage, simply restart your computer and repeat the steps.
  3. Connect your phone device to the computer through the USB
  4. Since you are using Samsung Galaxy S (GT 19000), you will see the following message on the monitor: “<GT-I9000>’s firmware can be upgraded. Please click here to upgrade firmware.”
  5. Kies will pop up numerous options asking you if you would like to backup contacts on to your computer. This function is performed in order to save and secure your data in case your android device encounters a problem during firmware upgrading. Should you decide to backup your contacts, check the button bearing the following words:  “Back up contacts before upgrading firmware”, then click on “Upgrade” button.
  6. A message “GT-19000Save to PC Complete” will appear once upgrading is completed. Click the “OK” button to save your backup contacts.
  7. The kies will pop on the screen a list of current version and latest version of your device firmware. Since you are using Android 2.2 Froyo which is the latest version of android device, a model with the following registration will be shown: PDA: JP6/PHONE: JP2/CSC: JP5. Click the “Upgrade” appearing the right hand side of your monitor to start the updating process.
  8. Click “Next” after checking the box with the words: “All information has been verified”.
  9. Skip the option that enables you to save backup contacts on kies server by selecting “Proceed without saving” box and then clicking “Next”.
  10. At this stage, the Kies should be able to download upgrading software from its server. Do not perform anything when the downloading is taking. Remember that if you disconnect android device at this point, your device can easily be harmed or your phone can brick.
  11. Once it has completed downloading, kies will start upgrading immediately.
  12. Once you see the words “GT-19000 Upgrade completed”, your phone will automatically reboot. You can therefore disconnect the phone from the computer.
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