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Windows Server 2003 VPN with One NIC-Steps to Setup

Before getting into the tips for setting up windows server 2003 VPN, let us get an overview of VPN to get an idea on what is VPN? -VPN denotes Virtual Private Network and it will be used for connecting a private network like office network through a public network like the internet. It combines the good qualities of a dial-up connection to a dial-up server with the flexibility and ease of an internet connection. With the help of an internet connection, you can travel all around the globe and still, in some places, you can link up to your office by calling the nearby internet-access phone number. Instead, in case you have high-speed internet connection on your home computer or office computer, you can communicate with a full internet speed, which is faster as compared with a dial-up connection that is using analog modem. In simple terms, a VPN server acts as a Wide Area Network (WAN) link. It uses only authenticated links that ensure that only approved users can link to your network.  It uses Layer Two Tunneling Protocol or Point-to-Point Protocol to encrypt the data so as to ensure that the data is secured when it travels through the public network.

Microsoft Server 2003 vpn

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Steps to be followed to setup Windows server 2003 VPN with one Network Interface Card is given below:

  • Click start from the screen of your computer and point to ‘administrative tools’ and then select routing and remote access.
  • Right click on the name of the server and click configure and enable routing and remote access.
  • In the routing and remote access server setup wizard dialog box shown in the following image, select the radio button against ‘custom configuration’.

Microsoft Server 2003 vpn setup wizard

After the above-mentioned step, click the next button, which will open the window as given in the following image. Here, select the check box corresponding to VPN access.

Microsoft Server 2003 vpn access setup wizard

  • Once you have completed the above-mentioned step, select next, which will open the final window in the process of setting up Windows 2003 as VPN server. In this window, click ‘finish’ button as shown in the image given below:

Microsoft Server 2003 vpn installed

With the help of Windows Server 2003 VPN, network components can be connected through another network like internet and your Windows server 2003 based computer can be made as a server that can be accessed from any remote area in such a way that, users can connect to it with the help of VPN. In addition to connecting to the network, they can also log on to the network and can access shared resources.

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